Same Old Neocons

29 Dec

by Taki 

December 24, 2013

Same Old Neocons

During these holidays we should take a second and send our best wishes to the neocons, poor dears, who are having a bad time during this holy season because their plans have gone awry—for at least the next six months.

Ten years ago they were sitting pretty. Saddam had fallen, his chemical and nuclear weapons were about to be discovered, and a new, improved Middle East loomed on the horizon. Well, we all know what a con that was—one that not only cost thousands of American lives, hundreds of thousands of Iraqi ones, and millions of refugees, but also one that turned Uncle Sam from a rich “have” into a heavily indebted “have-not” looking at a Chinese laundryman friend for a loan.

The neocons got away with it. They kept their jobs and the roles they play in the media as American patriots, and now they want to repeat the exercise. They’ve only changed one letter, from q to n, from Iraq to Iran. And—amazingly—they have gone one better: This time they want Uncle Sam to be on the side of the bad guys and rain bombs on the good ones. Have they gone completely bonkers, or has someone been putting LSD in the DC water supply?

“The Christian faith is under attack by the very people who are painted in the West as freedom fighters.”

The greatest bribers and influence-peddlers in DC are the Israeli and Saudi lobbies. Overthrowing Assad has been a Saudi/Sunni master plan since donkey’s years, and I’m surprised the wily Israelis have gone along with it—if they have, that is. For the Saudis, the Iranian nuclear program and the Syrian war are parts of a single conflict. (That’s where the Israel/Saudi alliance comes in.) The militant jihadists fighting the secular Assad forces are financed by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the money controlled by gangs who call themselves royals and who have stolen their countries’ oil and mineral wealth from their people to finance their hookers and palaces where they can drink their whiskey in peace. Al-Qaeda, that nice group who gave us 9/11, is the main beneficiary. Its aim is to get rid of Christianity in the Holy Land.

Which brings me to the new persecution—that of Christians.

In Baghdad, Sunni terrorists have bombed dozens of Christian churches; an estimated million Christians have fled Iraq. A huge quotient of Syria’s Christian population has fled their villages and towns for Assad-controlled areas. In Egypt, where Copts have lived since Christ’s time, millions have been intimidated or murdered during the brief time the Muslim Brotherhood held sway. They are now treated as third-class citizens and confined to squalid quarters. Priests are regularly murdered and churches are routinely bombed. Saudi Arabia, of course, does not tolerate Christianity or any other religion for that matter, but Saudi interests are given priority in the West because money talks and Saudi money talks louder than most.

So the Christian faith is under attack by the very people who are painted in the West as freedom fighters, financed by the Saudi-Qatari gang that hopes to establish a Sunni zone across Syria and Iraq and bottle up the snake, as the so-called Saudi King called Iran.

Which brings me back to the neocons.

To keep Uncle Sam’s war machine whirring, they are ready to sit down with the Devil himself in his white robes and sandals and sitting in his golden Cadillac. The bad guys right now are Obama and Kerry, who gave Iran a six-month hiatus to get rid of its plan for a nuke. The fact that Iran will never be allowed to produce one is immaterial. The neocons want war and thus turned Iran into another Iraq. The fact that Seymour Hersh exposed the lie about last September’s sarin chemical gas attack being a terrorist act caused by anti-Assad forces never saw the light of day in the always subversive New York Times. (It was published by the London Review of Books.)

Both Obama and Kerry lied when they said they had proof that Assad’s forces were responsible. Yet now that they have finally seen the light, our neocons are fighting mad and not enjoying their holidays in the same spirit they did ten years ago. And they are very impatient. Six months is a mere bagatelle, but there you have it.

In the meantime, our fellow Christians are under attack and the only man protecting them is the secular Bashar al-Assad, the neocons’ worst nightmare.

Have a merry Christmas.


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