The Fed is not a Conspiracy

29 Dec

Imagine you know  somebody who claims:

I have found a machine to make all the money I want. The bills are perfect, completely undetectable; in fact they are the real thing. So therefore I can live the great life from now on, never to worry again, ha, ha, ha.

Now what would you think if this guy instead gives the machine to his neighbor so the he (the neighbor) can lend me (the machine owner) some money to live the good life? And what if I agree to pay the interest on the loan by robbing my other neighbors?

Well, that’s what Larken Rose explains in his short video (only 4:32 minutes. He also explains that the owner of the money machine is the US government and the neighbor is the Federal Reserve.  If you want to see the vide click on  and search for “ the Fed is not a Conspiracy”.

And finally, what should we think about the mainstream media? Can they be as ignorant as they pretend, or maybe Rotschild was right when he publicly acknowledged his debt in his memoirs?



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